So long and thanks for all the comics!

Aug. 10th, 2019

After some deliberation and false hope surrounding a backup I found, I've decided to put the last known-good backup of the forums back into service. I feel enough time has probably passed that it's all somewhat tame by today's Internet standards. That said, if you had asked me to remove something for a valid reason (stalker, etc.) and that post has re-appeared, please let me know. Having said that, I do not plan to retroacvitely remove anything else. It's already in the Wayback Machine if it was in the last version, so... you can't put that genie back in the bottle.

But let's stop dwelling on that... the PF forums are back! You cannot log in, make posts, change your password, etc. so don't even bother. But you can re-live the glory that was the
Misfits of Science with an all-consuming craving for Australian comics!

Maggie McFee - Somewhere in Cantabrigia

Oct. 28th, 2015

Update: Well, it's been two years since I put the forums in read-only mode. And I had planned to leave them up until a reason came along to take them down. Sadly, that reason came up yesterday. I mistakenly deleted the site while moving servers, thought it'd be fine since I have backups,... and then found that my backups were much older than I thought. Given that I had removed stuff at peoples' request and would have to try (and undoubtedly fail) to re-do all those changes, and given that the last 24 Hour Challenge is not contained in the newest of the backups, I've decided it's time to close up shop.

Again, thanks and genuine love to all of you who made Pulp Faction a success for so many years. Look me up on Twitter @tankgrrl if you haven't already. - Cheers! Maggie

Oct. 20th, 2013

It's with a heavy heart, but a heart full of good memories, that I announce the closing of Pulp Faction and the forums. The forums will be put into read-only mode in the next couple of days, so please log in and say any goodbyes while you can. The forums will remain online in a read-only state for at least the next 12 months. †

I created The Pulp Faction 9 years ago after Darren Close decided he needed to close OzComics and its forums. I was living in Wollongong with my partner Sarah at the time and, having been warmly accepted by the Aussie comics community (I'm American), I wanted to give something back. The untold story is that Pulp Faction actually started out as something called 'The Board' which I created as a private forum to share with a group of friends who were sometimes jokingly (or not) referred to as 'The Mafia'. At any rate, when I heard that OzComics was closing, I decided to go a step further and open the board to any Australian comics enthusiast or creator who cared to join. Thus The Pulp Faction was born on Wed Nov 24, 2004 at 11:06 am AEST.

We had some interviews, a short-lived podcast, meetups, drinkups, challenges, tutorials and, most of all, a community of people who just loved comics and wanted to talk about reading and making them.

Just about nine years later there are 1520 registered users, 52688 posts in 5666 topics, and we hosted 9 24-hour comics challenges. I'm pretty proud of that. You all should be too. And I'd like to take a second to thank, some of the people who helped shape the board, me and the challenges. I'm gonna forget several of you here and I'm sorry about that. But here goes: Sarah, Mark, Steve (Practicecactus, user #2!), Troy, Ive, Fink, Liz, Chris, L. Frank, Simon, Komala, Darren, Daren, Avi, Dean, Tonia, Jason, Jace, Jase, Jacen (holy crap, Aussie parents, enough with this! hehe), Doug, Trudy (you're the best!), Dougal, Tee, Trev, Sean, Grug, Jess, Owen, Matt, Matt, Matty, Monkeh, Kirk, Arran, Kenny, Ian, Christian, Em, Alex, Tim, Keiko, Dillon, Shaun, Andie, Nate, Josef, Glen, Mandy, Jules, Andy, Greg, Gary, Gary, Aaron, Eddie, Caanan, Hayden, Trev, Patrick, Kevin, Dave, Henry, Garth, Scott, Dan, Daniel, Daniel, Daniel, David, David, Ben, Ben, Ben, Julie, Gavin, Colin, Alastair, Joe, Ash, Ant, Rebecca, Michael, Erin, and ohmygod I have to stop, this is getting out of control. ALL of you. Thank you. It's been so much fun.

On behalf of myself and all who've helped run the forums and challenges... Thank you!
Maggie McFee
Oct. 20th, 2013

† - Sorry, this means the 24 Hour Challenge Mature entries will no longer be visible as they require login to view. There's no way around this as it would be unfair to the authors to suddenly have these available to the world (and Google).